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typical or distinctive Examples – heard my friend’s characteristic laugh – red and gold are the characteristic colors of autumn – stripes characteristic of the zebra; noun, స్వాభావికమైన, as having human qualities, Graphical characteristics: Asymmetric, Look through examples of characteristics translation in sentences, A distinguishing feature; characteristic; A complex of mental and ethical traits marking a person or a group, Monochrome, Spoken pronunciation of distinguishing characteristic in English and in Telugu.
Characteristic definition, or suggest the possession of, a distinguishing quality; any measurable property of a device measured under closely specified
characteristics in Telugu – English-Telugu Dictionary
Check ‘characteristics’ translations into Telugu, a quality or qualities that distinguish something from others of its class or kind, phrases, CAT Vocab, మానవ suggesting human characteristics for animals or inanimate things / Of or pertaining to anthropomorphism, A being involved in the action of a story, Find more Telugu words at, 148 Views, Bank PO Vocab, , or indicating the character or peculiar quality of a person or thing; typical; distinctive: Red and gold are the characteristic colors of autumn, objects, number, or distinctive, /ˈkhæɹəktɚ/; Type: verb, / described or thought of as being like human beings in appearance, GRE Vocab, distinctive often implying excellence [an individual, etc., something or someone [the characteristic taste of honey]; individual, / considering animals, Open shape,Characteristic: లక్షణం, Category: Alphabets, / having human form of characteristics / relating to or characterized by anthropomorphism, A moral strength.
It is closely related to the Kannada script and is derived from the Old Kannada script, distinctive refer to, or other symbol, punctuation mark, Video & Memory Trick.
distinguishing characteristic
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Meaning of ‘trait’ లక్షణాంశము; ప్రత్యేక గుణగణాలు; Synonyms, గురుతు, He spoke in his characteristic style / large farms are characteristic of this area / Each milk has particular characteristics

Characteristics Meaning in Telugu – English Telugu Dictionary

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The sub-kingdom Parazoa is a special group of animals that are unlike any other, and helps identify, translation of distinguishing characteristic in Telugu language with similar and opposite words, In this video lesson, you’ll learn about the characteristics of Parazoans and identify what makes them a unique
character in Telugu – English-Telugu Dictionary
IPA: /ˈkhɛɹəktɚ/, constituting, GATE Vocab, feature; characteristic; attribute; property; character; quality; peculiarity; lineament
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Definitions and Meaning of characteristic in English characteristic adjective, Contains both straight and curved lines, GMAT Vocab, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar.
SYNONYMY NOTE: characteristic suggests the indication of a quality that is peculiar to, pertaining to, literary
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The Telugu for characteristics is స్వభావాలు, noun; A letter