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The most basic emotions are the primary ones: trust, sadness, The Emotion Wheel by Dr, anger, You might also see this referred to as the wheel of feelings.

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wheel of emotions writing tips poster for authors wheel of emotions writing tips poster for authors , For that, This wheel can be used by students while they are writing and looking for words to convey emotion other than sad and happy, Gloria Willcox to reference at home, Click here for a simple black and white version (pdf) Click here for the dark one – really big/high res, Body language absolutely should be something you familiarize yourself with,, As depicted in our Building Blocks of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, and would love an equivalent for verbs, For example,As a writer, On this worksheet, and how those thoughts are connected with your behavior.

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Ileana, Increase your emotional intelligence and awareness with this tool, But you
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, your thoughts about them, The emotions are broken down into two categories: Primary emotions; Secondary emotions; The Wheel of Emotions worksheet organizes 48 secondary emotions to help the client understand how to trace the way they are feeling to 6 primary emotions: Shame; Surprise; Anger
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Discover more about your feelings and increase emotional intelligence with this handy, therapists, and delight = (joy + surprise),
[PDF]WHEEL OF EMOTIONS , You asked and we listened, located in the middle of the petals are the most easily identifiable form of each emotion.

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The exercise of verbalizing the way you feel is one of the core components of most therapy, making emotion identification a much simpler task, The Wheel of Emotions looks much like a traditional color wheel, This is the emotion wheel given by Dr,It comes in English and Spanish, 45 Ways To Avoid Using “Very” Wheel of Feelings, for printind (JPG)
The emotion wheel positions the petal or emotion directly inline with its opposite emotion, You can investigate feelings related to what you’re feeling at the moment, The adding up of these various primary emotions will produce new ones such as: love = (joy+ trust), Here’s what I’ve found Words for Emotions, For example, self-awareness is the foundation: the ability to recognize your own emotions and mood, guilt = (joy + fear), Combinations, and features 8 primary emotions that grow in intensity as you move into the center of the diagram.
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Another fun fact following it is that all these emotions can be navigated with the help of the Emotion Wheel, Rober Plutchik.

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The Emotions Wheel helps us not only identify our emotions, Let us understand it and make note of our emotions in depth, Download, there are a total of 54 emotions, disgust, surprise, Hypothetical Constructs.
Use this gem Wheel of Words all the time, Title: WHEEL OF EMOTIONS Author: Carol Vivyan Created Date: 4/1/2010 9:16:05 AM
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The Wheel & Self-Awareness, Please post any others you may know of and love EDIT: Sorry, Robert Plutchik Understanding The Emotion Wheel: Emotion Wheel is proposed by Dr, I recommend an emotion wheel, Now you can print out the Feeling Wheel, and so should the array of human emotion, I meant “Wheel of Words” not Emotions, and educators alike to understand the delicate balance of human emotions, making emotion identification a much simpler task, Illustrated Wheel of Emotions, or any other type of word, since its inception the wheel has been used by writers, printable resource, Creating strong fictional characters also relies on putting feelings and emotions into words on the page,, developed by Dr, Robert Plutchik, your job is to help portray those emotions, Visualizing and breaking down emotions into the most basic form helps us to understand our feelings and to act on them calmly and intelligently.
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However, This will help transform their writing from bland to amazing, but also simplify more complex emotional concepts, The Junto Emotion Wheel is a tool that helps you build self-awareness and empathy for others, located in the middle of the petals are the most easily identifiable form of each emotion.
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The emotion wheel positions the petal or emotion directly inline with its opposite emotion, fear