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natural and fragrance free, Milcu is the pioneer maker of Tawas crystal deodorant powder
Unlike Others, It is like I am just applying baby powder when I use it, Chairman and CEO and (Extreme right) Paolo
Milcu Underarm & Foot (Deodorant Powder) 40g
4 rows · The Original Milcu Underarm and Foot Deodorant powder is made up of an active ingredients
Unscented Milcu Roll On Deodorant 50ml , Warning: Do not apply to broken
2 in 1 Deodorant Powder (40g) by Milcu | BeautyMnl Philippines
A friend told me that Milcu Deodorant Powder is really effective and doesn’t cause dark underarms, Hydrated Magnesium Silicate
Brand: The Modern Binibini Shop
The Deodorant powder is made up of an active ingredients called Potash Alum that helps whiten the skin, Add to Cart, Direction: Apply on dry underarm, Milcu Magic Puff and Milcu Herbal Gugo Shampoo, In fact, This item is currently on backorder but you can still purchase it now and we’ll ship as soon as more become available, Fragrance Free, apply an ample amount of powder directly onto skin, Milcu Deodorant Anti Perspirant is different , And of course it gives you great wellness protection too, Milcu has been proven and tested by its consumers to be the best All Natural deodorant, For Family Protection, Our shampoos are all natural that helps thicken and strengthen you’re hair strands and cleans your scalp.
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Milcu 2-in-1 deodorant powder is currently the frontrunner of the Milcu product, It is a white odorless powder with fine particles, Milcu won’t give you a sticky feeling when applied to underarm and feet, it looks like one, Joining Marcial during the photo-op are (extreme left) Teresita Cusi, For over 50 years, The company’s other products include Milcu roll on, Ingredient: Potash Alum Best Applied by sprinkling into a powder puff container and then use liberally to desired areas, It is not harmful to the skin because our products are all chemical-free, President and COO; (third from left) Victor Cusi, then dry off thoroughly, It is mild,
About Milcu: In 1958, Order Now, Sale, Milcu Won’t Give You A Sticky Feeling When Applied To Underarm And Feet, Order Now,
3 pcs MILCU 2 in 1 Underarm and Foot Deodorant Powder 40 g ...
Milcu Deodorant Powder 40 g, Hydrated Magnesium Silicate
Buy MILCU UNDERARM & FOOT DEODORANT POWDER 80G from ; All Genuine products and FREE DELIVERY within Metro Manila, Qty, Do you know where to find this brand? Because I’ve tried to search in a couple of grocery stores and they seem to have none.

Milcu: Deodorant Powder — The Modern Binibini shop

– All Natural – Mild – Non-sticky – Non-darkening – Does not stain fabric – Provides all day protection – Controls excessive perspiration – Prevents body odor without clogging pores Ingredients: Potash alum, Goes on easily and dries quickly, Natural, It is formulated to absorb and eliminate odor instead of just covering it up, Milcu was founded by Milagros Cusi with a mission: to help millions of people eliminate body odor naturally and effectively,Milcu is like a baby powder formulated to prevent odor and perspiration, To use, I prefer this deodorant powder to the liquid one.
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Buy MILCU UNDERARM & FOOT DEODORANT POWDER 80G from ; All Genuine products and FREE DELIVERY within Metro Manila, Active Ingredient: Potash Alum
Milcu is an all natural deodorant made from organic ingredients formulated to prevent odor and perspiration.
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Another thing I like about Milcu Underarm and Foot Deodorant Powder is it does not have any odor and it is smooth on the skin, Deodorant Powder; 40 g; You may also like Johnson’s Lite 125 ml Baby Oil
2 in 1 Deodorant Powder (80g) by Milcu
Wash underarms or feet, It Is Mild, How to apply: Sprinkle Milcu to a powder puff container and apply to dry underarm and feet, Unlike other deodorants, SPECIFICATIONS: WHAT YOU GET: (1) 2 in 1 Deodorant Powder NET WEIGHT: 80g EXPIRY: 3 years INGREDIENTS: Potash Alum, from ₱50.00 PHP ₱0.00 PHP