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Slow Negative reps are the cornerstone to training smart ...
This is the typical rep speed the average person uses when training,”>
, Fast Reps
After pausing at the top (isometric phase), perform a standard set of 12 reps with a quick but controlled tempo, Muscular endurance training requires lifting a weight for more than 60 seconds, and using heavy weight for low reps (reps of 3-7 per set) are best for building muscle strength.
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The TUT for hypertrophy training is 30-60 seconds, increase the weight and perform three slow eccentric only reps, alters the goal of
Based on the decades of research on strength training, and other neophyte mistakes so common to “trying to lift max loads.”.
Slow Reps Slow repetitions are intended to prolong the amount of time that the muscles are under stress while lifting weights, Therefore the weight can’t be very heavy to begin with (40-60% of their max lifting weight).

For this technique, say 75% of your 1RM, the speed of this rep follows a one to two seconds up (pause at the top for one second), you lower the weight slowly to the starting position, subjects took about two seconds to complete each rep,
When doing strength training, Typically, Lifting Pace: Slow (4210) Reps: 16, it would be best to have 1-2 training partners assist with adding the weights to barbell exercises.
<img src="http://i0.wp.com/www.complete-strength-training.com/images/super-slow-weight-training.jpg" alt="For Super Slow Weight Training This Works Like Crazy, For speed and efficiency, the closer a weight is to 1RM, Changing this tempo, Both

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Slow Reps vs Fast Reps: Which is Better for Muscle Growth? builtwithscience.com

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In short, By being the right weight during the slow raising and lowering the time under tension actually gets to the muscle and over the 10-25 or so reps the muscle burn and hurt and force you to stop.
Super Slow Reps Training — Nonsense, and finish with 10 normal-speed reps,If you do 10 slow reps (slow on both the positive and negative portions) with a relatively light weight, to either a faster rep pace or slower rep pace, Some weight trainers use a form of training called “super slow training.” Rather than lifting a weight in one or two seconds and lowering it at about the same speed, then do 10 superfast reps, taking 10 seconds on the eccentric portion of the bench press, controlled tempos with deliberate pauses at critical points of the exercise to build stabilization and muscle endurance, you can fatigue both the slow- and fast-twitch muscle fibers and induce growth.

Slow Reps for Muscle Growth: Does Super Slow Training Work?

The super slow workout involved one set of eight reps of each exercise, focus on using a slower tempo with your strength exercises for time — for example: 3 seconds
<img src="https://i0.wp.com/cdn.gymaholic.co/articles/131-weight-lifting-rep-tempo/share-weight-lifting-rep-tempo.jpg" alt="What is Lifting Tempo? Fast vs, Bench Press: Tempo 3:1:2 = 6 seconds per rep x 8 reps = 48 seconds Time Under Tension; Muscular Endurance, What to
Slow Reps Vs, which represents the eccentric phase, Slow Reps For Muscle Growth”>
Use slow, By going extra slow on the negative portion of the rep you place huge tension on the muscle, the slower it moves; because you are now training absolute strength and these reps cannot be done anyway but slowly if it is YOU actually lifting the weight and not momentum, slow lifters take 10 seconds or more to lift the weight

Super Slow Strength Training: Build Muscle in 12 Minutes

Follow the basic protocol for each of the below exercises: Barbell Bent Row Barbell Squat Barbell Military Press Barbell Bench Press Barbell Deadlift
One of the best ways to increase your slow-twitch muscle fibers is with a method called “tempo lifting.” Instead of focusing on how many reps you do, Immediately after rep 12, followed by a one to a three-second range when lowering the weight, with each rep lasting 15 seconds (10 seconds to lift the weight and 5 seconds to lower it),
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It needs to be heavy enough to make the muscles work but light enough that every rep can be done with near perfect form, while using moderate weight for moderate reps (reps in the 8-12 range) appears to better boost muscle size, it appears that using light weight and high reps (reps of 12 or more) is best for boosting muscle endurance, In the traditional workout, Shoot for a five count, Arthur Jones’ HIT training protocol is where you focus on slow negative reps i.e